5. Change the worn-out and flat tires: Indian roads become worse during the rainy season due to multiple potholes that increase the risk of skidding and slipping of bikes. To be safe from this mishap and severe injuries, keep a check on the tires of your bike. It is suggested to have tires with 3mm tread depth. This would allow a strong grip on the road. Also, the lesser the bloated tires, the more will be its grip.

4. Park your bike in a sheltered area: Our elders used to cover the bike and park it in a sheltered area to ensure highest level of security. There is no laugh on the fact that they weren’t wrong. Parking your bike in a sheltered area during the rainy season prevents the rainwater and dust from accumulating in the engine and other parts of the bike. Also, it would help in the smooth functioning of the bike on road without giving you starting issues.

3. Proper functioning of headlights: It is evident that during monsoon, there are chances of low visibility while riding a bike. Hence, headlights play an important role to give you crystal-clear view during low visibility conditions. It’s important to pay attention to the health of your headlights in order to keep yourself ready for the season. If you find any problem in your bike’s headlight or indicators, then replace them before hitting on the road.

2. Keep a check on the brakes of the bike: Most of the accidents on roads happen due to poor braking system of bikes. Therefore, keeping a regular check on the condition of brakes can reduce any chances of damage. The wet environment causes a reduction in braking power. Thus, to ensure personal safety on wet and slippery roads brakes should function perfectly.

1. No delay in bike servicing: One should not put a delay in servicing the bike during the rainy season. The dust particles and droplets of water get to mount up in various parts of the bike. This whole situation can mess up with the engine of the bike and affects its performance. Regular servicing shields the bike from any serious damages in the rainy season.

Here are 5 hacks to protect your bike in the rainy season from all kinds of odds.

To avoid any fatal bike accident during the rainy season, it’s better to be prepared of monsoon season by taking all preventive measures and to ensure good health of your bike.

All these hacks are very beneficial and essential during the rainy season. If you are concerned about your and your loved ones safety, then follow these hacks for your bike during the monsoon season. It is still not late because monsoon has just begun.